Accounting Services Overview

Olaya Management & Accounting Inc. offers services of the highest quality at rates you can afford. We focus on each of our clients’ needs to contribute to their success. We provide a clear picture of your financial situation at all times.

Our services cover, but are not limited to:

Bookkeeping Services

According to your needs, we can offer on-site bookkeeping (part-time or full-time), off-site bookkeeping, or remote bookkeeping.

We handle all aspects of daily bookkeeping tasks in the following areas.

Accounts receivable

  • Prepare customer invoices
  • Apply for customer payments
  • Contact customers to collect outstanding payments

Account payable

  • Record supplier invoices
  • Make payments to suppliers
  • Review supplier invoices and orders to make sure there are no over-charges.
Marlene Olaya Accounting 001


  • Process monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, or weekly payroll. This includes annual salary, hourly wage, vacation pay, holiday pay, bonus, commission.
  • Prepare government payroll remittance (PD7A)
  • Prepare a record of employment forms (ROE)
  • Prepare year-end T4, T4A, and T4 summary.


  • Reconcile all bank statements, credit card statements, line of credit, and merchant accounts (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)
  • Prepare bank reconciliation reports including the deposits in transit and outstanding cheques that have not yet cleared the bank.

Government filing

  • GST/HST, PST, Payroll source deductions, WSIB, and EHT filing.

Income Tax Filing

We work closely with you to minimize your tax bill and maximize your tax refund.

We provide:

  • Tax return preparation to individuals, self-employed, small businesses, and corporations.
  • Organize your accounting records to minimize the risks of your tax returns being audited.
  • Support to respond to all CRA inquires and Assistants in case you be audited.

Financial Statements

We help you to run your business more efficiently by providing accurate and timely financial reports such as:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Accounts receivable aging reports
  • Accounts Payable aging reports
  • Cash flow forecast, etc.

Property Management Services Overview

At Olaya Management & Accounting Inc., the satisfaction and long-term success of our clients is our goal. Our management services include condominiums and rental buildings. We focus on customer service and we do our best to mitigate worries. We work hard to avoid financial and physical risk because whenever your Board of Directors approves our company your property ownership experience becomes our responsibility.

We manage properties efficiently and cost-effectively, from managing your books and collecting fees to handling calls and enforcing rules and bylaws.

Manage your real estate investment is what we do for a living, do it efficiently is what we do for pride

Office Administration:

We provide an administrative assistant that is responsible for:

  • Receiving, dealing with, and responding to all phone and E-mail communication.
  • Dealing with Owner/Residents’ complaints and concerns.
  • Managing all incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Updating and maintaining Owner and Unit files.
  • Collecting all payments Owners.
  • Managing rental of the building’s facilities, including parking.
  • Preparing status certificates.

Financial Services:

We are responsible for:

  • Recording, analyzing, and reporting the Condominium financial status.
  • Preparing and managing monthly financial statements and any other information concerning financial requirements.
  • Preparing monthly reports of arrears, detailing complete status for each unit.
  • Performing monthly bank reconciliations allocating any discrepancies between the general ledger and bank statements.
  • Managing the owners’ payments and any related issues.
  • Preparing packages for auditing financial statements.